Company Profile

PT. Multibrata Anugerah Utama (MAU) was established in Indonesia on January 24th 1989. In rapid growing development throughout Indonesia, PT. Multibrata Anugerah Utama (MAU) has grown becoming a leading experience construction industry with Total Solution for serve Customer and reach Customer Satisfaction.

Our engineering staff always ready for design consultation and will be a partner for your Feasibility Studies and made Value Engineering Analyze for alternative layout and provide construction detail. From consultantas drawing we will prepare detailed shop drawings showing layouts, dimensions, fixings, etc. These will be used by our site team for manufacture and construction.

Our Professional Staff and Our Integrated Sisters Company will supports and produce customers efficiency and economical profit. Thats what we call Total Solution.

Our Sisters Company are:


PT. Danwo Steel Sejati Steel Structure & Construction Design and engineering, steel fabrication, construction.


PT. Dantosan Precon Perkasa Precast Concrete Manufacturer Precast hollow core wall and floor, precast coloumn, architural panel, concrete pipe / U-ditch / box culvert, precast concrete fence.

Presently, MAU has been reputed as widely trusted company in the industry and emerge as a leading role in its field.


Become a national standard construction company that “INTEGRATED” and LEADING” and A give “TOTAL SOLUTION” to customer satisfaction that is supported by the Resource, Job Quality and Control Technology Reliable



  1. Establish effective communication with Customers, Suppliers, Tops and Bottoms and co-workers; To achieve an open working environment so that employees can work with creativity oriented to customer satisfaction
  2. Improving the welfare of employees
  3. Empowering employees in the mastery of technology, management, and skills to improve the competence
  4. Applying efficient work patterns to achieve optimal results
  5. Being a partner to satisfy customers on an ongoing basis



We will produce design and construction services quality through appropriate products, competitive prices and on time in accordance with customer expectations

To achieve that, to do:

  1. Hearing customers
  2. Can understand the desire of every customer
  3. Using the provisions / regulations applicable administrative and technical
  4. Complete each task correctly
  5. Complete each task on time
  6. Effective communication
  7. Do not make promises that can not be met
  8. Continuous improvement of the Quality Management System
  9. Prioritizing safety