PT. Multibrata Anugerah Utama

Jl. P. Jayakarta 117 Blok B 52-54
Jakarta 10730 INDONESIA
Phone. : (62-21) 6009087
Fax. : (62-21)6018994
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Company Profile

PT. Multibrata Anugerah Utama (MAU) was established in Indonesia on January 24th 1989. In rapid growing development throughout Indonesia, PT. Multibrata Anugerah Utama (MAU) has grown becoming a leading experience construction industry with Total Solution for serve Customer and reach Customer Satisfaction.

Our engineering staff always ready for design consultation and will be a partner for your Feasibility Studies and made Value En..


PT Multibrata Anugerah Utama (MAU) was established in Indonesia in 24th January 1989 as a general contractor who provides Engineering Procurement Construct (EPC) Solution in the Construction Industry.

Since then the company has grown from 5 employees to 250 employees. These comprise of 70% engineering skilled employees ranging from technical, architects to engineers, 10% administration and 20% project management. As a Total Solution Company with o..

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